About Us

Dominion Trading Importers is involved all the way from the grower to the end consumer. It's a dynamic journey. Moving beyond the Rift Valley in Ethiopia to the larger global community. Dominion Coffee Importers connects the farmer who produces premium coffee to the person in another country who enjoys its flavor in a cup.

Coffee touched by human hands
Dominion Coffee Importers is a full service trading company. We partner with developing countries to help bring their products to market. We also bring appropriate products into developing countries to meet growing needs.

Human hands touched by community
Each barrier is looked at as an opportunity to solve a problem that addresses a need. A solution is created that uniquely satisfies that need appropriately.

A community touched by partnership
The result of this unique approach is changing lives. These national partners benefit through improved market access and increased income. Net profits are distributed with these partners and with the New Covenant Foundation.