Here you will be able to see what we have to offer in single-origin Ethiopian varietals. These coffees are available from warehouses in Washington and California.

  • 2015 Gwangwa Abaya

    Yirgacheffe Abaya Grade 3, Girma Dry Mill, 1895 MASL

    The pop of a fresh ripe blueberry is followed by sweet boysenberry syrup, a touch of vanilla, and a finish of honey.

  • 2015 Rakussi Hill, Kochere

    Yirgacheffe Kochere Grade 2, Kekebo Jilo Wet Mill, 1855 MASL

    Delicate fresh fruit begins with pineapple and extends in to a lingering fruit punch.

  • 2015 Yirgacheffe, Konga

    Yirgacheffe Konga Grade 2, Ferenju Defar Wet Mill, 1865 MASL

    A light slap of lemon zest is mellowed with caramel to a finish of dried oranges.

  • 2015 Abosto, Dale

    Sidamo Grade 4, Kedir Ibrahim Dry Mill, 1810 MASL

    A berry fruit thickened with malt to give an earthy depth and a slight spice.

  • 2015 Harrar East Arsi

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